The “Series” has been featured twice in SKATING Magazine.

Congratulations, you have worked your way through Learn to Skate USA Classes and some private lessons.  Your coach has signed you up for your first figure skating competition!  You are lucky; this is where future champions get their start!  Your coach is an expert and has years of experience so don’t be afraid to ask questions. These competitions are designed to be fun and will give you lots of competitive experience.

Click on the image below to see Olympic Champion Nathan Chen’s first beginner competition.

Here are a few things you should know about –

See the Announcement download on the main page. It outlines the rules and requirements for each event.  You need to have your coach help you fill out the practice application with the events that are right for you.  Then you will go to and be able to sign up for the correct events. Your coach will receive a confirmation email later to confirm the correct events.  You must be a member of the Learn to Skate USA Program, Aspire, or a full member of US Figure Skating. Remember to sign up (with payment) by the due date.  This is a very important habit to develop.  Many competitions will not accept late entries! You may enter more than one event if you wish, and the additional events are cheaper than the first event.

Before the competition, you will want to develop a list of things to think about and accomplish before the big day. Please note that there will be an informative email update about one week before the competition.

Some of them are:

Costume and Appearance: Please keep it simple!  Competition outfits at all levels are required by Compete USA rules to be modest, and appropriate for athletic competition.  Except for “Showcase” type events, they should not be theatrical in appearance.  At beginning levels, boys may be very appropriately dressed in dark pants, a shirt, and a turtleneck or sweater.  Girls may be in a simple skating dress with a little “sparkle” and of course, some make-up. Check with your coach about what is right for your music.  Warm-up suits should not be worn during competition.  Bring a small “Kiss and Cry” Bag for all your personal items needed for the competition, i.e., Kleenex, water bottle, skate guards, etc. These should be for your personal use only. Please no sharing!  Gloves and Warm-up jackets may be worn during warm-ups but should never be worn during the competition.  Pullover sweaters may mess up the hair when pulled over the head. Skates should be cleaned and polished for every competition.  Make sure your laces are in decent shape before you get to the rink. If you can’t get the boots polished “Over the boot” tights are an excellent choice.  Hair should be done tidily and be very secure.  Bobby pins, scrunchies, rubber bands, etc. if used should be very secure.  These items are a hazard if they fall on the ice. You might want to have a “backup” outfit and extra tights in case of an emergency.  Extra shoelaces are also a clever idea. Don’t forget your skate guards. 

Music: Your music will be uploaded in advance to Please note that it must be in mp3 format. No other format is accepted. It’s good for you to have a backup of your music on your smartphone in case of technical issues.

Competition Day: Plan to arrive at the rink one hour before your first event. You will register your child to let the competition committee know that he/she is in the building.  You will receive an info packet and a “goody bag”.  You should also check to see if there have been any schedule changes and find out if the competition is running on time. For Elements and Compulsory events, find out which side of the rink you will be skating on (i.e. Zamboni end, Lobby end). Find the “Wall” where the “Start Order Sheets” and results will be posted. You should let your coach know that you have arrived and get familiar with the rink.    Please come dressed from home as dressing rooms will not be available. Weather permitting, there will be an outside area available for warm-up. Your coach will want you to warm up there so be sure to have tennis shoes, jump rope, etc.  There will be a designated area for skate changing inside the rink.    As a rule, you should be fully dressed and ready with skates on, when the flight before yours actually “takes the ice”.  Say goodbye to Mom and Dad up in the designated spectator bleachers. Your parents may not be down near the ice door.  Your coach will stay with you before and during the event. You will check in with the “Ice Monitor” who will be standing near the door to the ice with a clipboard.  Don’t go too far away, but don’t bother everyone either.  The “Ice Monitor” will be lining you up and will tell you when it’s time to get on the ice for your warm-up. You and your coach will also ask the monitor if there have been any “scratches” that would change your skating order. When it’s time for your “Warm-up” (about 5 min.) you will have the opportunity to warm up your muscles and go through the elements that your coach has talked to you about.  You want to get familiar with the ice and don’t be surprised if the ice is larger or smaller than your rink. You should try and run through your entire program to make sure everything fits. The announcer will announce that there is one (1) minute left in the warm-up and then you will be called off the ice.  When it’s your turn the monitor will tell you to take the ice.  Skate out to your “Spot”, take a deep breath, and make your starting pose.  If this is a competition with music, they will start the music and off you go! Remember to smile and have fun!  If this is an event without music (like Compulsory) you will wait until the announcer says, “You may begin”.

Results: The results will usually be posted about a half hour after your event.  The results will be posted live on the official website at: during and after completion of the competition.

Awards:  Competition flights are limited to six skaters and all will receive a medal. There will be an award stand available for photos and you will collect your medals at the awards table after your event is finished. There may be a photographer/Videographer at the competition. 

The “Series” final placement point trophies will be delivered to your rink a few weeks after the last competition in the “Series”.  Rinks hosting a “Series” competition will probably have an award ceremony.

Competition Conduct: Remember that everyone is special to someone.  Skaters and families should be respectful of all competitors, judges, and coaches. You should try to avoid wandering, entering, and exiting in this area while the skaters are performing.  You can move around during the warm-up periods. Be supportive with applause for all skaters.  Not just your friends and family. Avoid hovering near the ice entrance if you are not competing. Give your support from the stands.  Never, be rude or obnoxious.  Never, Boo or harass skaters.  If you are unhappy with your placement or the way you skated, remember life goes on!  Nobody wants to see a temper tantrum or poor behavior.  You may disagree with your placement but please remember that the judges have years of experience in the sport and are dedicated “Professional” volunteers who spend hours and hours of their time. If you happen to run into a judge after the event, thank them for judging you.  Chances are you will see them for many years to come!

Parents:  Please be positive and supportive of your child at all times.  Your child will be thrilled if you bring flowers.  Make them feel special by taking lots of pictures.  This will help make your child’s first competition a wonderful experience that they will remember forever!

Have Fun!!!:  These competitions are designed to be fun!  You will make new friends and have an exciting day!  Enjoy the experience!