Question:  My rink is not hosting a Compete USA South Florida Basic Skills “Series” competition.  Am I allowed to compete in the “Series”?

Answer: Yes, of course, the “Series” is about participation!  You just need to be a member of a Learn to Skate USA Program, Aspire, or be a USFS Full Member in good standing. We have had skaters competing from the following arenas:  The Rink on the Beach (Lighthouse Point), AventHealth Center Ice (Wesley Chapel), PB SkateZone (Palm Beach), Kendall Ice Arena (Miami), Pines Ice Arena (Pembroke Pines), Panthers Ice Den  (Coral Springs), Germain Arena (Estero), Space Coast IcePlex (Rockledge), PB Ice Works (West Palm Beach), Ice Factory (Kissimmee), Fort Myers Skatium, Palacio de Hielo (Ecuador), Scott Rakow Youth Center (North Miami Beach), and the RDV Sportsplex (Orlando).

If you are an Arena Skating Program Director and would like to become a host rink for one of the events, please contact Series Coordinator Kent Johnson for detailed information about how your arena can become a Series host rink. Series Host Rinks are equal partners and agree to participate in and support all Series events.

Question: I’m a member of ISI (Ice Skating Institute).  Can I compete in a Compete USA Competition?

Answer: Yes, but you also need to become a member of a Learn to Skate USA Program, Aspire, or be a full member of U.S. Figure Skating.  If your rink does not have a Learn to Skate USA Program, you can check with the U.S. Figure Skating Club at your rink or go to the website and join online. Make sure your skating program meets the Compete USA requirements.  They are not the same.

Question: I will only be able to do one of the “Series” competitions this year because I am moving up to Pre Juvenile.  Will I be able to win something?

Answer: Yes, for every event there are Medals for all participants (Just six skaters in a group).  Only skaters who compete in the required events in all three of the “Series” competitions will be awarded final placement trophies after the last “Series” competition.

Question: My child has only been skating for a short time. The skaters at our rink look so good and have been skating for a long time.  Will she be put in a group with skaters who are much better than her?

Answer: Don’t worry she will be placed with skaters of approximately her own age and ability level! The skaters are placed in groups of up to six skaters and all will receive a medal or a ribbon.

Question: I competed in one level for the first competition and my coach says it’s time to go up a level.  Do I lose my points?

Answer: No go up to the next level.  Your points are transferred to the next level.

Question: I competed in three competitions in the required events.  When will I get my Final Placement Trophy?

Answer: The trophies will be delivered to your rink a few weeks after the last competition in the “Series”.  Your Skate School Director or US Figure Skating Club will present the Trophy.

Question: When will I find out when my events will be skating?

Answer: The competition schedule will be posted on this website and at the host rink about one (1) week before the competition. will also be sending you a notification via email.  It takes many hours to process all the applications, so please don’t bother the host arena before that time. The schedule will also be sent for posting to each rink sending skaters to the competition and will also be posted on this website.

Question: I just found out my event is set for the morning.  Can my event time be changed because my 100-year-old “Great Aunt Matilda” can only come in the afternoon?

Answer: Sorry, we would like to accommodate, but everyone has issues, family, and time restraints.  After the schedule is set there are no changes. Please do not schedule family or personal events on the same day you will be competing.

Question: I just passed my Pre Bronze skating skills test, but I haven’t taken my Pre Bronze Freeskate test yet.  Can I skate in a Basic Skills Competition?

Answer: Yes, for all levels, eligibility will be based only upon the highest free skate test level passed (Skating Skills test level will not determine the skater’s competitive level).  Skaters may skate at the highest level passed OR one level higher BUT not both levels in the same event during the same competition.

Question: I skated in Pre-Preliminary last time.  Can I skate back down in Aspire 4 in the next competition?

Answer: Sorry, No!

Question: Will there be practice ice before the competition?

Answer: Practice ice will be available at each arena before the start of each competition.  A schedule of Practice Ice will be posted along with the competition schedule.  Reservations with payment must be made through the arena hosting the competition.  Each practice session must be paid in full before taking the ice.  A maximum of 20 skaters will be allowed on the ice during any one session.

Question: Can I take pictures of my child during the competition?

Answer: Yes, but no flash pictures are allowed, and you may not take videos of other skaters. Flash can distract a skater and cause a severe injury!  A photographer/videographer may be available at each rink during the competitions.  If so, photographs/videos will be taken of all individual participants and award ceremonies. Do not set up tripods or cameras near the ice surface or competitors’ areas at any time.  Contact the arena hosting the competition for more information about photography restrictions.

Question: My son would like to compete, but will he be competing with girls?

Answer: Not necessarily.  Parents/coaches may request (before the competition application deadline) to have male skaters placed in a separate boys’ event or have the option to skate “against the book”.