Season 2017!

Announcing the 2017 Competition Package! Download below:

2017 Compete USA South Florida Basic Skills Series (Entryeeze corrected 1-29)

The First three events at Kendall,SkateZone and Pines were a terrific success for the new rollout of the Compete USA South Florida Basic Skills Series! Now on to event number four at PB Ice Works!


Due to the expected large number of participants this year the Finals at PB Ice Works will be extended to Saturday June 3 as well as Sunday June 4. We will be doing High Beginner through Preliminary, and all their events, Compulsory (1/2 ice ), Jumps (1/2 ice), spins (1/2 ice ) programs, Interpretative,and showcase. We will begin at 8:00 am June 3 and finish at 3:00pm.

 All the lower levels will be on Sunday ( Elements and compulsory will be on 1/3 ice)
 Also, there will be no practice Ice on those days. There will be freestyle sessions the week prior during morning and afternoons. Coaches and Skaters are welcome to come and teach with no commission fee. Check the PB Ice Works website for freestyle times.


excitedThe upcoming 2017 Season will be our fourteenth season as a “Series” ! USFS Basic Skills has now been rebranded as Learn to Skate USA and is endorsed by US Figure Skating, USA Hockey and US Speed Skating.

We started  the “Series” concept here in South Florida and it has been extremelyiStock_000011333052XSmallc beneficial for U.S. Figure Skating all across the nation. Series competitions have started in many states all over the country!

The 2017 Season will have four great competitions at Kendall Ice Arena, Palm Beach SkateZone, Pines Ice Arena, and  Palm Beach IceWorks. There are many exciting events for all levels from Snowplow Sam (Tots) to Preliminary levels. As usual we have both Test Track and Well Balanced Categories for the higher level competitors and events for adults as well.

Kendall Ice Arena, Date: March 5, 2017 – Competition Completed

PB SkateZone, Date: April 2, 2017 – Competition Completed

Pines Ice Arena, Date: April 30, 2017 – Competition Completed

PB Ice Works, Date: June 4, 2017 – Competition Application Deadline: 5/4, 2017 

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See the Learn to Skate USA website. Click Here F.Y.I. The “Series” concept was started first in Florida and has spread all over the country!

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